Casey`s TOP 40 chart program with Casey Kasem

I listened to this program`s broadcast through Radio Kolme/ 3 in the years 1991-93, the broadcast time on Saturdays at 15-19. The memorable songs, played on the broadcasts: 

Jeremy Jordan/ The right kind of love, Jude Cole/ Baby it`s tonight, Goddess/ Sexual (speak):  Boy Krazy/ Good times with bad boys, That`s what love can do, Sunscreem/ Love U more, Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams/ I finally found someone, Toad The Wet Sprocket/ All I want, Walk on the ocean,  Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson/ A whole new world, The Heights/ How do you talk to an angel, Patty Smyth/ Sometimes love`s just ain´t enough, Spin Doctors/ Two princes, TLC/ Ain`t too proud to beg, What about your friends, SWV/ I`m so into you, Weak, Snow/ Informer, Michael W. Smith/ I will be here for you, Somebody love me, Sade/ No ordinary love, Roxette/ Almost unreal, Restless Heart/ Tell me what you dream, When she cries, New Order/ Regret, Mr. Big/ Wild world, Vanessa Williams & Brian Mc Knight/ Love is, Kenny G. & Peabo Bryson/ By the time this night is over, Bruce Hornsby/ Harbor lights, Duran Duran/ Ordinary world, Come undone, Def Leppard/ Have you ever needed someone so bad, Damn Yankees/ Where you`re goin` now, Phil Collins/ We wait and we wonder, & David Crosby/ Hero, Eric Clapton/ Tears in heaven, Mariah Carey/ Hero, Babyface/ When can I see you, Bryan Adams/ Please forgive me, Michael Bolton/ Said I loved you…but I lied

The short sample:
Also SBC Radio (1991), Radio Kokkola (1991) and Radio Janne broadcasted the program in Finland in the start of the 1990`s.
The programs` supposed airing times with the contents and listening links on Radio 3`s year calendar articles:


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