Pe 20.8.1993 Klo 21.48-?

Rosemarie Clooney/ Mambo italiano

Bruce Springsteen/ Working on the highway

?/ Figure and ice

?/ With your love (molemmissa kappaleissa sama naisartisti)


Michael Jackson/ Black or white

Bruce Springsteen/ No surrender

La 21.8.1993 Klo 7.00-?



Runrig/ The greatest flame


Michael Jackson/ Jam

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble/ Crossfire


Tasmin Archer/ Somebody`s daughter

Nat “King” Cole/ ?

Nat “King” Cole/ Love and marriage

Nat “King” Cole/ ?

Eddie Money/ Walk on water

Nat “King” Cole/ ?

Fabulous Thunderbirds/ Rock this place

Nat “King” Cole/ ?

Su 29.8.1993 Klo 7.56

Chris Isaak/ In the heat of the jungle

tauko 7.59-8.05

?/ Your love shines

?/ Over my horizon

Christopher Cross/ N.Y.C. (best that you can do)


The Police/ ?

tauko, jatkoa n. klo 9.18

Phil Collins/ In too deep

Madonna/ (Deeper and deeper?)



The Outfield/ Voices of Babylon

Lionel Richie/ Love, oh love

?/ Do what you think you are

?/ It`s alright

The Police/ Message in a bottle

Madonna/ Fever

K.D. Lang/ Constant cravin`

?/ 16 hope by the seven is drive?


Cher/ ?

Madonna/ In this life


Lionel Richie/ ?


The Commodores/ I`m easy


Charles & Eddie/ Would I lie to you

? (kitara countrybiisi)

Otis Redding/ (Sittin`on) The dock of the bay

?/ Vietnam

Chris Rea/ Loving you





Kim Carnes/ Gypsy honeymoon

keskeytin klo 11.20.



Billy Idol/ Untitled (?) (Cyberpunk- albumiltaan)


Billy Idol/ Tomorrow people

Reijo Kallio/ Yksinäinen


The Rolling Stones/ Paint it black – live

Phil Collins/ Against all odds (Take a look at me now)

ZZ Top/ Sleeping bag

?/ I`m crying my tears for you

Su 22.8.1993 klo 9.29-?

?/ I love your smile (rap biisi)

The Temptations/ Get ready


Su 12.9.1993 klo 16.00-16.02

Joe Cocker/ Stop the cry?



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